Campbell wants answers on Springsteen ticket sellout

Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has asked events giant Ticketmaster to answer question over how a Bruce Springsteen concert to be staged at the almost 10,000-capacity Odyssey area can sell out on the phonlines in five minutes. The public today raised the issue within the media and Cllr Campbell believes that they deserve answers.

Cllr Campbell said: “Today, I tried to buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Odyssey, and within five minutes of the phonelines being open I was told that tickets were all sold out.

“We hear so many stories of people ending up without tickets because they have called up within minutes after lines have opened and they are sold out. How is this possible? We need answers from Ticketmaster.

“I also want to find out if Ticketmaster can do more to crack down on ticket touts. I know this is a difficult area to deal with, but it nevertheless needs to be addressed so that the real fans are not missing out on tickets because touts have got there first.

“I will be writing to the head of Ticketmaster to seek clarification on how tickets for events can sell out so quickly, leaving so many fans disappointed.”


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