Campbell speaks out on Mallusk flooding

Alliance Councillor for Antrim Line Tom Campbell has said that the authorities may not have been properly prepared for the extent of the flooding on Monday following heavy flooding in parts of County Antrim in which an elderly woman had to be rescued by ambulance workers after a river near her home in the Hydepark area of Mallusk burst its banks.

Cllr Campbell said:

“This incident should serve as a warning alert for the authorities. I understand that this lady who is elderly and has a heart condition was trapped in her home as she could not open the door.It is hard to believe that such an incident could occur but it did and that is what should be anticipated as our response to flash flooding.

“The Ambulance Service are to be commended on their work on this occasion but this incident causes concern that many homes are not protected against this level of flooding. It is fortunate that the consequences were not more serious on this occasion.”


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