Campbell slams petrol bomb attack

North Belfast Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has called on the people of Whitewell to “remain calm” after last night’s early morning petrol bomb attack in the Van Dyke Road area of the City.

The Belfast City Councillor launched a scathing attack against those responsible for the attack and said:

“I utterly condemn this type of violence and I hope that anyone with information in relation to this terrible crime should contact the police before it’s too late. The people of the area have suffered for long enough.

“Those who are responsible for this attack don’t care who they harm and are only interested in stirring up sectarian hatred and tension in the area. But nothing can ever justify this type of behaviour.

“Alliance condemns the individuals who orchestrated and took part in this crime and I would again urge the residents from the area to step back from this hatred by living together in a peaceful atmosphere.”


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