Campbell condemns overnight attack on gritting lorry

Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has condemned the stoning of a gritting lorry in Devenish Drive on Tuesday night.

The incident occurred on Devenish Drive, Monkstown, at around 8.30pm on Tuesday night, when the driver in question was carrying out an essential service ahead of expected severe weather.

Councillor Tom Campbell said: “At a time when most people are keen to see our roads gritted and made safe I am appalled that some hooligans feel that they can stone gritting lorries carrying out an essential service.

“I understand that on this occasion the driver wasn’t hurt and that the matter was reported to the Police. It follows that if the roads are not gritted the potential for traffic accidents and slipping by pedestrians will increase in the current cold spell.

“Anyone involved in attacking the community by stoning such an essential service such as this in dangerous conditions should be taken to court. I would invite anyone with information to pass on details to enable prosecutions to take place.”

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