Campaign welcome but more needs done to combat paramilitarism, says Dickson

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed the launch of a new campaign highlighting paramilitary-style attacks but added more needs done to combat the groups behind them.

The Ending the Harm campaign, which is part of the Executive’s Tackling Paramilitarism programme, is aimed showing the impact of the attacks on victims, their loved ones, local communities and wider society.

“These paramilitary groups should not even exist and they should all leave the stage immediately,” said Mr Dickson.

“Last year alone, dozens of people were victims of these attacks. That is simply not acceptable. Many of the victims of these attacks are young people, with the incidents causing many lasting mental and physical effects.

“While I welcome this campaign, more needs to be done to end paramilitary activity in all its forms. All those parties who agreed to deal with paramilitarism in previous agreements need to live up to their commitments and tackle this poison in our society.”

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