Call to examine loyalist links to racist attacks

THE International Monitoring Commission has been urged to look into loyalist involvement in racist attacks.

Alliance Leader David Ford said the attacks on ethnic minorities should be included in the International Monitoring Commission’s first report.

The Commission was set up to report on the state of paramilitary ceasefires and whether the governments and parties live up to their obligations under the Good Friday Agreement.

Alliance made the call after loyalists were linked to a number of racist incidents, including an attack on the home of a Pakistani family in south Belfast.

Loyalist leaders have claimed the attacks were not approved by the main paramilitary organisations.

But Alliance leader David Ford said: “Whether racist attacks have been carried out with or without sanction is not the issue.

“If members of a paramilitary group are involved in extorting money from the Chinese or any other community, this disgraceful activity should have the public spotlight shone on it fully by the IMC.

“While the PUP has denied UVF involvement in racist attacks, it has not denied that extortion still happens, and that Chinese businesses have been targeted, as well as those owned by locals.”

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