Call for more assistance for local film industry ahead of premiere

Ahead of tonight’s premiere of the City of Ember film in Belfast, Former Alliance Chair Yvonne Boyle said it is a great example of the potential benefits the film industry can offer Northern Ireland. She said that more should be done to boost the local film industry and to attract big-money directors to come here and make films.

Yvonne Boyle, who is set to attend the City of Ember premiere in Belfast tonight, said: “It’s good to see the film industry in Northern Ireland is growing and City of Ember underlines this potential.

“Northern Ireland needs to have more confidence in itself and see itself as a place that does appeal to filmmakers. After all, our scenery is breathtaking and we have very skilled local technicians and actors.

“Northern Ireland undoubtedly has the potential to cash in on the global film industry. Excellent work has been undertaken by many organisations to boost our film industry but I believe that more can still be done to sell Northern Ireland as the perfect place to film the next blockbuster.”


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