Byrne shooting casts light on McCabe murder trial

Commenting on the shooting in Dublin yesterday of Mr Byrne (a forthcoming witness in the murder trial of Josie O’Dwyer, a shooting which is speculated to have been carried out by the IRA,) Alliance President Dr Philip McGarry has said that an interesting light has been cast on the withdrawal of a key witness in the Garda McCabe murder trial on the grounds of alleged intimidation by the IRA.

Dr McGarry said:

“It is wisely assumed that Mr O’Dwyer was murdered in 1996 by people associated with the IRA. It is further alleged that a number of witnesses have been intimidated to prevent them giving evidence. Mr Byrne was due to give evidence at the trial in a few weeks time. Clearly the fact that he was shot yesterday is very suspicious indeed.”

“Last month most citizens in the Republic were deeply disturbed that a key witness in the Garda McCabe murder trial withdrew his statement due to alleged Republican intimidation. Given the shooting of Mr Byrne one can understand why the witness decided not to testify.”

“There are clearly grave indications for the democratic system and the course of justice if, despite their ‘complete and unequivocal cease-fire’ Republicans continue to act in non democratic ways.”


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