By ending segregation we can stop water charges

Alliance East Antrim Representative Cllr Stewart Dickson has stated that if segregation was stopped in Northern Ireland, we could prevent water charges from being introduced. He said that 1 billion pounds is wasted every year on keeping Northern Ireland divided, and if we shared services, plans for the tap tax could be scrapped.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “By ending segregation we could ensure the scrapping of plans for water charges for Northern Ireland.

“Tap tax is totally unfair and will deal a devastating financial blow to older people and people on low incomes.

“One billion pounds is wasted every year on segregation. By providing more shared services we could save a massive amount of local taxpayers money and use it to stop water charges from being introduced.

“Why should local people have to foot the bill for the years of neglect that our water and sewage infrastructure has suffered because of segregation.

“Direct Rule Ministers spent local people’s hard earned money on segregated services, to the detriment of our water service. Therefore, it would be grossly unfair for these people to have to pay to put right the problems which have arisen from years of under-investment by these Direct Rule dictators.”


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