Bus safety measures are welcome – parents should go green on schoolrun

Alliance Environment Spokesperson Cllr Stewart Dickson has called on parents to try to be more environmentally-friendly on the school run. He has asked parent to consider getting children to use public transport or walk with them to school. He also praised the adaptations made by Translink to their buses, making them safer for schoolchildren.

The Carrickfergus Alliance Party Councillor said: “It’s the time of year again when children are back to school and I would strongly encourage parents to go green on the school run. They look into using the bus or the train to get their children to school and should also consider sharing the run with other parents to ensure that fewer cars are used in the process.

“They should also think about walking with their children to school when possible. This cuts out car usage altogether and helps promote healthy living for young people.

“Going green with the school run would help prevent the rush-hour gridlock which is normally experienced on many roads during term-time.

“This is an issue that school should also be examining. This should be should their initiative and teaming up with parents’ groups to provide innovative ways of making transport more environmentally friendly. One idea which has worked elsewhere is something known as a walking train. This is where playground supervisors and classroom room assistants walk with 30 or 40 children to school, from designated places.

“Translink’s safety improvements are very welcome, but they should be rolled be on all buses. Its great news but they must ensure that all their passengers are afforded these safety measures


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