Bullick says Alliance are standing to offer an alternative to tribal politics

Alliance Mid Ulster by-election candidate Eric Bullick has said that he is standing to give people an alternative to the tribal politics, emphasised by the decision of the Unionist Parties to put forward a unity candidate.

Eric Bullick said: “Alliance are standing in this election to offer an alternative to the tribal politics of the other parties. This sectarian headcount is emphasised by the decision to stand a Unionist Unity candidate in this election.

“We have already seen the contempt that the Unionist and Sinn Fein candidates have treated the public with by their refusal to take part in the only television debate on this election.

“I am taking part in the election because I will represent everyone in the constituency.

“If elected I would take my seat in Westminster and take part in debates and votes on key issues around welfare reform and taxes. Sinn Fein may say that their MPs are in London to meet Ministers and officials, but at the end of the day it is voting and taking part in debates in the House of Commons that matters.”
Alliance Leader David Ford, who is due to campaign with Eric on Tuesday, encouraged the electorate to come out and vote. He said: “I would encourage people to vote for Eric to represent Mid Ulster in Westminster. I know people are tired of the tribal politics of the other parties and want their representatives to work for everyone and not just one section.”


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