‘Build a coalition, abandon ‘ourselves alone strategy’, Ford urges Trimble

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has called on Ulster Unionist Party Leader, David Trimble, to abandon his ‘ourselves alone’ approach to achieving confidence-building measures from republicans, and to instead build a wider coalition with like-minded parties throughout these islands.

Mr Ford stated: “The concerns expressed by David Trimble regarding the need for real and substantial confidence-building measures from republicans are not unique to Ulster Unionists. There is broad agrement se throughout the wider community about the need to move away from violence and to see acts of completion by all paramilitary groups.”

“While there is substantial sympathy with the demands being made by Mr Trimble, there is total bewilderment at the tactics he is pursuing. It essentially an ‘ourselves alone’ strategy, using the negative approach that the institutions cannot be restored without unionist consent.”

“Recently, I have been impressed by comments from parties from all over these islands. This was particularly clear in comments from some of the opposition parties in the Republic in the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation. They recognise the need for republicans to make a final decision about whether they are on the path of democracy or the path of paramilitarism.”

“David Trimble’s time would be more productively spent engaging with all of the like-minded parties in these islands, creating a strong coalition to put pressure on republicans for major acts of completion in the crucial next few weeks.”


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