Budget gives Robinson perfect opportunity to start ending segregation

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has demanded that the Finance Minister Peter Robinson takes account of segregation and gives a commitment to ending it, and starting to free up the 1 billion pounds every year wasted on it. His comments come before the Minister today reveals his first budget in the Assembly this year

Opposition MLA, Mr McCarthy, said: “Peter Robinson must use today’s budget to signal that he will work towards balancing the books more effectively by starting to end segregation.

“Today’s budget gives him a golden opportunity to set the ball rolling on plans for ending the division in our society which costs one billion pounds every year.

“While I recognise that much of this budget will have been decided by Direct Rule Ministers because devolution has only recently been restored, today gives Peter Robinson the chance to send out a message that he will be innovative and brave in his decisions. Ending segregation is about investing to save in the long-term and it is the common sense solution to local financial problems.

“It is good to see that this budget will outline plans for a review into unfair rates, but to effective stop these stealth charges the Finance Minister must look to start ending segregation.

“The last Executive did very little to start creating a shared future. This Executive must not make the same mistakes.”


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