Brown: Alliance committed to improving South Down beaches

Alliance is committed to tackling the poor state of South Down’s beaches, Councillor Patrick Brown has said, after his party colleague Anna Lo MLA said the growing problem was yet another reason to establish an Independent Environment Protection Agency.

With the latest Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful report detailing the severe problem with marine litter across South Down, the local Councillor welcomed Anna Lo speaking on his behalf during an Assembly debate on the issue.

Councillor Patrick Brown said: “It is extremely worrying that across Northern Ireland this latest report has singled out South Down for its poor beaches and high level of marine litter.

“Our environment is one of Northern Ireland’s greatest assets and we must take the necessary action to protect it. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastline in Europe, yet the potential and protection of our beaches is so often overlooked – to detrimental effect locally.

“It is clear the absence of an independent Environment Protection Agency is adding to the problem. This is something Alliance continues to champion, and my colleague Anna Lo has been doing great work at Stormont in advancing this.

“One thing is clear, greater co-operation is needed between the Council, DoE and DRD – something I will be working hard at a local level to ensure takes place.

“We must act now before it is too late and our beaches are damaged beyond repair.”

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