Brexit most pressing economic challenge facing society, says Long

The most pressing economic challenge facing our society is Brexit, Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said.

The East Belfast Westminster candidate was speaking at the Five Leaders Five Days event, hosted by the NI Chamber of Commerce in Belfast today (Monday). She said a strong economy was crucial to support public services, which Brexit has thrown into chaos.

“Alliance’s vision is a fairer and more prosperous society and to help that, Northern Ireland has to become more competitive. That entails addressing the productivity challenge through investment in the key economic drivers of skills, research and infrastructure.

“However, the most pressing immediate economic challenge facing our society is addressing Brexit. People were promised a unicorn Brexit, and now they’re being offered a lame donkey version. There is no good or sensible Brexit, particularly for such an interconnected economy as ours. Alliance’s priority remains stopping Brexit via a People’s Vote but if Brexit is forced through, then we must avoid a chaotic no deal outcome and work on mitigating the worse aspects of Boris Johnson’s deal.

“The EU remains by far the most important market and represents the deepest level of economic integration in the world. This is what the UK is turning its back on if Brexit happens.”