Brexit challenges must be separated from constitutional question, says Farry

The challenge of Brexit needs to be discussed separate to the constitutional question, Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry has told a major event.

The Alliance Deputy Leader was speaking as part of the second meeting of the All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit in Dublin, which featured conversations between over 400 people from both jurisdictions on the island.

“Brexit is the major challenge for Northern Ireland as a whole and for people of every background,” said Dr Farry.

“It is important we maximise every opportunity to engage with people right across the island. This forum gives us a scope to better understand the problems facing both north and south, and to articulate the particular challenges to Northern Ireland.

“Alliance used the opportunity to highlight the importance of Special Status for this region. We must recognise there are too many features particular to us that mean without such a status, this region could become a major anomaly.

“This has to be a pragmatic and practical process distinct from the constitutional question. We are keen to stress to other political parties and civil society we need to forge a strong cross-community consensus on doing what is best to protect the interests of all the people of Northern Ireland.”

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