Breakdown in breakthrough due to lack of inclusive politics: Ford

ALLIANCE Leader David Ford has said that the lack of an inclusive process in recent weeks led to “the breakdown of the breakthrough people were expecting”.

Mr Ford said: “Despite the hype surrounding today’s predicted deal between Sinn Fein and the UUP, the deal broke down at the decommissioning hurdle. While secret deals often fall apart, the blame must lie with those who thought that a quick fix could be formulated between the balaclavas and the bowler hats alone.

“It is time to reclaim this process on behalf of the entire community. The two governments must take the lead in this.

“Attention should now turn to resolving our difficulties – collectively – in the context of the Comprehensive Review. There is still much doubt about what will happen after an election in any circumstances, so it is vital that we stop sleepwalking into crises now.”

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