Bradshaw welcomes smoking in vehicles ban

Alliance Councillor Paula Bradshaw has welcomed an Assembly ban on smoking in vehicles when children are present.

The South Belfast representative was speaking after the Assembly passed the change, which is unlikely to come into effect before early next year.

“Our understanding to the dangers of smoking has evolved considerably over the past number of decades,” said Cllr Bradshaw.

“Thankfully, today we better understand the health implications of smoking directly for the smoker, as well as the dangers from passive smoking.

“Smoking is effectively banned in most public spaces. That is not just about the interests of the smoker but about protecting others from being impacted by smoking, often when they have no ability to consent to suffer the ill effects.

“It is a loophole that smoking can take place in vehicles in which those under the age of 18 are present. Smoking in such a confined space will obviously pose a health risk to children. We must do all we can to protect the public’s health and to encourage people to give up smoking. This move is a welcome step towards that.”

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