Bradshaw welcomes political agreement on compensation for victims and survivors

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has welcomed agreement between the political parties and Civil Service on changes to draft legislation relating to compensation for victims and survivors of institutional abuse.

A letter signed by party leaders will now be sent to the Secretary of State, confirming backing for the matter to be dealt with at Westminster.

“The victims and survivors of institutional abuse have carried out a dignified and courageous campaign, even in the face of an absence of responsibility from those who could have helped them before now,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Any further delay in delivering their compensation is not an option. This has dragged on long enough and it is time for the Secretary of State to take action, as she has previously indicated she would do once she had the guidance of local parties.

“People should not have to face further injustice due to the political impasse. This is heart-breaking for those who believed they would be receiving compensation sooner than this and my thoughts are with them.

“The most important thing in this entire issue is the victims and survivors. They are literally running out of time to have their suffering ended, dignity restored and the compensation which they deserve given to them. For our part, we will continue putting pressure on to ensure the legislation goes through Westminster.”