Bradshaw welcomes ongoing work to remove HIV stigma

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has welcomed the ongoing work on removing the stigma around HIV, but expressed concern some people with the condition are still not coming forward because of stigmatisation in Northern Ireland.

Ahead of World AIDS Day on Sunday, December 1, the South Belfast MLA stated: “I would like to commend all those who have raised the profile of HIV with a view to removing the stigmatisation. World AIDS Day is a very useful time in the year where excellent awareness raising work can be done, and this is already apparent in 2019.

“I am concerned, however, lobby groups such as Positive Life are still presenting evidence attitudes remain years behind in Northern Ireland. This has serious consequences, as people who may have the condition may be unwilling to seek diagnosis, and people who have the diagnosis not feeling free to be open about it.

“I will continue to work with all those intent on removing the stigma and raising awareness of HIV as a condition which needs care but not fear.”