Bradshaw welcomes Government’s pledge to fund abortions in England for women from NI

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said specific details are needed immediately, after the Chancellor confirms the UK Government will intervene to fund abortions in England for women from Northern Ireland.

She said: “This is a welcome announcement that has already taken too long to become reality and will open up services to many local women in need. But we must be sure of the detail, ensuring the government will deliver on this promise.

“Coming only hours before Stella Creasy MPs amendment to the Queen’s speech on this issue was due to be heard, we must push the Equalities Minister Justine Greening to outline how exactly this will function and at home ensure access to this resource is not blocked.

“It’s clear the government has acted before forced to do so through an amendment to the Queen’s speech, signalling the momentous break through this is for women in Northern Ireland.”

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