Bradshaw submits cancer drugs petition

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has submitted a major petition to the Assembly calling for better access to cancer drugs for people here.

South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw, surrounded by a number of health campaigners, handed the petition in to the Assembly today (Tuesday). It has over 10,200 signatures, all saying those suffering cancer here should be able to receive the same life-saving drugs people in England can access.

“I want to pay tribute to the campaigners who have backed this issue from the beginning,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Their courage and resource is to be commended. People such as Melanie Kennedy, who helped deliver this petition, are tireless advocates for equality in the health sector. She recognises, as do I, that we pay the same taxes and national insurance, so should be able to receive the same cancer drugs.

“Every person in the Chamber today knows cancer is something which can strike any one of use at any time. That is why this petition has struck a chord with the public Campaigners have adapted – now it is time for the Minister to do the same and prioritise delivery on this issue over the coming weeks.”

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