Bradshaw slams Holylands vandalism

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw has slammed vandalism in the Holylands area, condemning those responsible as showing no respect for those living there.

Speaking after mattresses were set on fire, cars were damaged and broken bottles were littered in the street, Ms Bradshaw stated: “It is utterly unacceptable that those who have chosen to make this part of South Belfast home should have to put up with such deliberate attacks on their property and living space.

“The regularity with which some people feel they may engage in vandalism is indicative of a failure to control the situation adequately. I have spoken to the PSNI and to Queen’s University to seek assurances that more resources will be allocated to controlling the situation over the next few hours, and that those responsible will face full force of the law.

“Halloween should be a time for family festivities, not for wanton vandalism. It is time for respect for residents and for people’s basic right to live and socialise in peace.”

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