Bradshaw seeks Department meeting following hyponatraemia inquiry

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said she will be seeking a meeting with the Department of Health after an inquiry found a number of child deaths in local hospitals were avoidable.

The inquiry into five hyponatraemia-related deaths in Northern Ireland hospitals found four of them were preventable. The inquiry was set up in 2004 to investigate the deaths of Adam Strain, Claire Roberts, Raychel Ferguson, Lucy Crawford and Conor Mitchell.

It has made 96 recommendations, including the establishment of a duty of candour on medical professionals to make them give “a full and honest explanation” of major failures in care.

“Today must be about the families and their journey in reaching this point,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Our thanks should go to everyone involved in the inquiry process, and we recognise the longevity and intensity of that process.

“Alliance will be seeking a meeting with the Department of Health to ensure the recommendations from the inquiry report are fully implemented.”

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