Bradshaw says work still to do on stroke reconfiguration

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said there is still work to do on stroke reconfiguration after an engagement session at Stormont.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “I am pleased after discussions last week, the consultation will be extended and further engagements sessions around Northern Ireland will be held.

These will enable issues such as the role of the air ambulance or the importance of prevention to be discussed more fully.

“However, clearly there is still work to do to provide details on the decisions made and what the precise final model will be.

“In particular, we need to ensure the linkage between paramedics, the new hyper-acute stroke units and potentially emergency departments works smoothly, given the importance of receiving optimum treatment in the minimum time frame. We recognise the balance between the speed of access to treatment and the quality of treatment accessed.

“Alliance supports the broad thrust of the overall healthcare transformation process and is persuaded by the evidence base that reshaping of stroke services on the principles outlined will be beneficial. However, the detail of the decisions will require careful consideration and engagement with the public.”