Bradshaw says removal of arts money disgraceful

Alliance South Belfast MLA Paula Bradshaw has expressed concern at the latest round of cuts to arts funding, as 43 organisations
had their funding cut due to budget pressures on the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

The cumulative loss to the sector over the past six years now stands at £23 million.

“Alliance supports increased public support for the arts,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Investment in the arts benefits both individuals and our economy. For a tiny proportion of public expenditure, the arts delight audiences, provide employment opportunities and are a vital part of a healthy society. The cuts which have been under successive DUP and Sinn Féin ministers are a clear indication of their disinterest in art and artists.”

“Any incoming Executive must lift per-capita funding for the arts to the average within these islands. The sector has already experienced devastating cuts, and the potential loss of organisations and events would only cause further damage. The Department for Communities must stand up for arts funding in Northern Ireland.”

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