Bradshaw says parties should engage in talks to find solution to health sector pay

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has said parties should engage in talks to find a swift solution on pay in the health sector.

Industrial action is currently taking place by unions over pay and staffing. South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw said previous examples of all-party working could provide an example of how to resolve this issue.

“We saw all-party agreement led to successful progression on the implementation of the Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry. There is no excuse for not managing the same process immediately as all-party talks on restoration of the Executive begin.

“I am clear the unions’ case on pay, especially given the rising cost of living and the failure to implement a cap on agency profiteering, is not only fair to workers in the sector but also good for the overall health service budget and performance in the longer term.

“There can be no excuse for further delay and agreement must be found swiftly regardless of whether or not a local Minister is in place in the New Year. Patients and workers need and deserve responsibility and resolution, not endless delay.”