Bradshaw says paramilitary thugs need removed from our streets

Alliance South Belfast Assembly candidate Paula Bradshaw has condemned those an aggravated burglary in South Belfast by men claiming to be part of a paramilitary organisation.

Four men, two of whom were armed with guns and one carrying a barbell, entered the property on Donegall Avenue around 3.30am today (Tuesday). The men, dressed in balaclavas and dark clothes, stated they were part of a paramilitary organisation and threatened the householders before leaving.

“Thugs such as these have no place in our society,” said Councillor Bradshaw.

“We need to remove the poison of paramilitarism – it brings fear and violence to our streets when the vast majority of people wish to move forwards towards a shared society.

“These people must be taken off our streets by the police immediately and I would encourage anyone with information on this incident to contact them.”

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