Bradshaw says no better way to show allyship than to improve health services for trans people

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has called for improved healthcare services for transgender and non-binary people and has urged the Health Minister to address the underfunding of Northern Ireland’s Regional Gender Identity Service.

The South Belfast MLA’s comments come on International Transgender Day of Visibility, which falls annually on March 31.

“On Transgender Day of Visibility, it is important trans people are seen and celebrated for who they are. It is also a day for all cisgender people to reflect on how they can be a better ally to trans people, and as a society, there is no better way to show this allyship than to improve the services on which they rely,” she said.

“We are not doing enough for our trans or non-binary community in Northern Ireland when our only Gender Identity Clinic has hundreds of people on its waiting list. I welcome that the Brackenburn Clinic has resumed its service after two years without any new patients, however much work is needed to tackle the backlog. I urge the Health Minister to expedite his Department’s review of our Regional Gender Identity Service and address underfunding.

“There is far too much discrimination and misinformation around trans people, and far too many are subject to marginalisation. A health service that does not work for the trans community contributes to poor self-esteem poor and mental health issues.

“It is essential we take today to recognise our transgender community and show them they are a valued part of our society. I hope the Health Minister recognises this as well.”