Bradshaw says more investment needed in arts sector

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said more investment needs to take place in the arts, after a major event looking at the contribution of the sector here.

The Big Arts Debate, which took place in the Long Gallery at Parliament Buildings, was designed to allow MLAs and others to hear directly from the creative community about the contribution the arts make to improve life here and contribute to a wide range of sectors.

“This was a welcome event – Alliance are supportive of the arts sector, fully recognising the contribution of the organisations and the theatres across Northern Ireland to community cohesion, tackling isolation and improving relations,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“Arts are an important outlet in our society, allowing us to not only develop creativity but bring in wider benefits, such as to the economy, and mental and personal wellbeing. They play a major part in uniting our society, despite the limited funds given to them compared with the rest of the UK.

“In our most recent Assembly Manifesto, Alliance committed to supporting the raising of arts sector funding to at least the average spend in these Islands per capita. This very much chimes with the call today at the Big Arts Debate for equitable and sustained investment in the sector.”

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