Bradshaw says mental health needs reform and resourcing

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has warned we need reform and resourcing of mental health services, after it emerged no local Trust here meets its waiting time targets for people with anxiety and depression.

The South Belfast MLA said the “unacceptable failing” in the system was causing a human cost to people across Northern Ireland, as we comparatively spend less on our mental health than other regions.

“Mental wellbeing has to be much more central to everything we do, from medical training to health promotion. The resourcing of mental wellbeing advocates in the community and voluntary sector should be urgently considered to ensure intervention happens early, relieving pressure from waiting lists in the first place.

“It is remarkable in a week when the health transformation process has been so central, the Executive released a Programme for Government which scarcely mentions it. The reform process must be fundamental to the Executive’s work over the coming months, not just some time in the future.

“The Minister pledged she would be a mental health champion. She will now need, by the end of this year, to provide the resources and reform process to prove it.”

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