Bradshaw says Alliance will oppose any delays in health service reforms implementation

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said her party will oppose any delays in the implementation of the Health Minister’s plan to reform the health service.

Michelle O’Neill’s action, based on recommendations from the Bengoa Report, outlines a series of reforms for Northern Ireland’s health service, moves Ms Bradshaw said were much-needed.

She added it was vital the Minister now followed through with the recommendations.

“The proposals are significant and have expert backing, but often such suggestions draw local or internal opposition when they are actually implemented. That’s why a cross-party approach is preferable to the lack of transparency we have seen so far from this Executive. It is essential vital reforms are not yet again held hostage to local populism.

“The Minister needs to provide determined leadership to deliver reform and communications properly across all parties, all departments and all sectors, most importantly with users of the health service themselves.

“Progress cannot once again be fudged. There is excellence across much of the health service but what is now required is a more effective system to ensure that excellence is experienced by everyone accessing it.”

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