Bradshaw says Alliance MPs would make good relations central to local decisions

Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said for too many years, important aspects of our society have been segregated with single religion schools and segregated housing areas.

Ms Bradshaw said Alliance MPs would use their voice in Westminster to ensure a shared future and good relations are central to decisions taken about Northern Ireland, particularly relating to public investment.

“It’s time to move away from studying and living apart and demand better integration. We need to increase the opportunities to meet and mix with people of other religions,” she said.

“Future investment in schools should prioritise the integrated sector to ensure our children have the earliest opportunity to mix together in a safe environment. Investment in housing and infrastructure should be linked to ensure public space is accessible to everyone in our community.

“Too often flags and other emblems are used to mark out territory and discourage interaction. We need to work towards truly a shared community, where the expression of one culture does not cause offence or hurt to neighbours. Through building confidence in people living at interfaces, we can continue the work of removing interface barriers and encourage cross community relationships.

“Sending a strong team of Alliance MPs to Westminster will send a clear signal Northern Ireland is changing for the better.”