Bradshaw says action needs to follow report’s release

Paula Bradshaw MLA has said the release of a major report into the future of the health service here needs to be followed by action if any reforms are to have an effect.

The Alliance South Belfast MLA was speaking after it was announced the Bengoa Report would be released on October 25. It contains the findings of an expert panel tasked with restructuring health and social care, and was delivered to the Health Minister in June.

But Ms Bradshaw said the only way the report could impact upon those who needed it was if any suggestions are implemented immediately.

“The Bengoa Report has the chance to completely change the health service here to make the much needed reform it clearly needs, but only if the suggestions contained in it are realised and done so without delay.

“While I understand the Minister has to take her time to study the report and formulate a response, it is disappointing she has waited so long to release the initial report. Our health service is creaking but the public and elected representatives have been denied this potentially vital information until October 25.

“The Bengoa Report now needs to be released, with an immediate discussion by the Health Committee and a subsequent plan with cross-party backing for implementation of meaningful reform.”

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