Bradshaw questions where waiting list plan funding will come from

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has questioned where the funding for the Health Minister’s plan to tackle waiting lists will come from, due to the lack of an Executive Budget.

The South Belfast Assembly candidate was speaking after Michelle O’Neill published an elective care plan designed to address waiting times. It has six commitments and follows the Minister’s overall care package announced in October.

“It is welcome there now appears to be a strategy in place, especially if it recognises the need to not keep taking the same approach and expecting different results,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“However, it is concerning the lack of a Budget means the allocation of funding which is needed to achieve what the plan sets out to do remains unclear – a fact admitted by the Minister. We have heard similar claims before the last election about money being made available to tackle problems in the health sector, finances which did not subsequently appear.

“This is the real result of the DUP and Sinn Fein’s arrogance and hubris towards the institutions. Without a return to power-sharing and functioning Executive, this election will come at a great cost to those suffering the most.”

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