Bradshaw expresses concern over review of 2,500 neurology diagnoses

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has expressed extreme concern after it was revealed a neurologist’s diagnoses of 2,500 patients need to be reviewed.

Concerns have been raised about the work of Dr Michael Watt at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Patients being recalled should receive a letter by post on Tuesday and an advice line is now operating on 0800 980 1100.

According to the Belfast Trust, Dr Watt has not seen any patient either in the public or private sector since June 2017 but remains an employee.

“This news will cause significant concern for all the patients affected and their families, and I would urge them to contact the dedicated helpline,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“I have already spoken to the Trust this morning and I have been assured any patient receiving a letter today will have their review meeting within 12 weeks.

“I am now seeking to ensure that the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority is engaged to conduct a review of governance arrangements across all five health trusts. We hear every day the health service is under tremendous pressures and staff members have extremely high work-loads, so it is important patients can be assured all measures are in place to ensure safe diagnoses and associated, appropriate treatment plans.”

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