Bradshaw encourages public response to rape trials consultation

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has encouraged the public to respond to a consultation on the handling of trials involving rape and other serious sexual offences.

Sir John Gillen’s series of recommendations in a preliminary report include banning members of the public from such trials and making the accused anonymous until they are charged with any offence. The consultation will close on January 15.

“I firstly want to pay tribute to the important work Sir John Gillen has done in carrying out this review and making the recommendations in his report,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“The review was originally called for by my former colleague David Ford, as there is a pressing need to provide protections for both complainants and defendants in what is undoubtedly a difficult area. Many lessons can be learned from the high profile rape trial earlier this year and I am confident Sir John has done a thorough job in looking at them.

“It is vital now people contribute constructively to the public consultation into the recommendations by responding with their thoughts. It is crucial we ensure the abysmally low rate of convictions for sexual crime is addressed, justice is done and victims’ experience of the system is improved.”
To particpate in the consultation, see
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