Bradshaw: Edwin Poots should think before hitting the Tweet button

South Belfast Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said Edwin Poots’ excuses after he referred to the LGBT community in a tweet alongside paedophilia are ‘too little too late’.

“Edwin Poots has a long standing reputation as someone who has discriminated against the LGBT community,” said Ms Bradshaw, adding: “We all remember his time as Health Minister when he actively campaigned against affording more rights to the LGBT community by refusing to lift a ban on gay men giving blood and his use of public funds to fight the right for same-sex couples to adopt children.

“While he has since tried to explain the offending tweet away, the damage and hurt to our LGBT community and their families has already been done. I would urge him to think before hitting the tweet button in future.”

Alliance LGBT Convenor Micky Murray added: “Not only was this tweet harmful and disrespectful, but give us an insight into the mind-set of a senior DUP figure in Northern Ireland.”

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