Bradshaw demands Secretary of State guidance on cancer treatment contingency plans

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has demanded the Secretary of State publish detailed guidance on contingency plans for the treatment of cancer after March 29.

The Royal College of Radiologists has said hospitals will likely experience delays to cancer testing and treatment, with possible delays for some drugs used to detect cancer if there is a no deal Brexit.

“Let me say clearly to the UK Government when you or your loved one has cancer, your case is always a priority. There is no such thing as ‘low priority’ when it comes to cancer,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“It is the UK Government, propped up by the DUP, which has brought us to this point, and thus far its response that it has ‘robust contingency plans’ is pathetic, unless we actually see the plans. If we can rush through a Budget and amendments to RHI payments in 24 hours, let us hear in the next 24 hours from the Secretary of State exactly what these ‘robust contingency plans’ are in terms of the treatment of cancer in Northern Ireland. Can she provide a guarantee that no treatment will be delayed?

“Because if they cannot now guarantee no cancer treatment will be delayed, and is forced to admit the price of Brexit will be borne by cancer patients, it is then beyond obvious Article 50 needs to be revoked and the UK Government’s whole sorry strategy needs to be reconsidered.

“No-one, regardless of how they voted in 2016, voted to make cancer patients victims of Government incompetence. Let us hear from the Secretary of State, urgently, exactly what the contingency plans for cancer are.”

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