Bradshaw cautions extra health money must include pay allocation

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has cautioned extra health money must include an allocation to improve pay in the sector, as figures again showed the cost of living soaring.

As UK inflation remained at a five-year high, the South Belfast MLA stated: “The current structure of pay awards in the health sector was based on the assumption inflation would remain within the Bank of England target and thus health sector workers would not find their incomes squeezed by a rising cost of living.

“With living costs now rising markedly, not least because of the decline in the value of sterling, there needs to be a reassessment of pay awards to ensure our health workers are fairly compensated for the jobs they do.

“The argument this will add to the financial pressures within the system does not stand up to scrutiny. If we rely on services, it is essential we pay those who provide them fairly and incomes are not squeezed. That is the very least they deserve.”

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