Bradshaw calls for respect for Holylands residents

Speaking ahead of St Patrick’s Day, Alliance MLA for South Belfast Paula Bradshaw said: “It is highly regrettable that as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, the long-term residents of the Holylands area begin to experience a deep sense of dread.

“What should be a time of celebration and festivity, has been quite the opposite for them in recent years. As such, I am making my annual call to people who do not live there, to stay away, and for those who do, to act with respect and courtesy to your neighbours.

“The new Community Safety Framework, that is currently being drafted by the Department of Justice will help link strategic and operational approaches to addressing anti-social behaviour. Until this is signed off, it is important that the PSNI, Council and educational establishments work together to ensure that public order is maintained and the residents’ peace is protected.”