Bradshaw appeals to previous Health Minister to help deliver Executive for sake of health sector

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has made a direct appeal to the previous Health Minister to help deliver a restored Executive urgently for the sake of the health and social care sector here.

The South Belfast MLA said examples of pressures across the sector are coming on a daily basis.

“We hear stories of severe budgetary pressures, unacceptable waiting lists, unbelievable pressures in emergency departments, collapsing GP practices and more. The previous Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill, will recall last summer Alliance put forward workable proposals for a robust Irish Language Act, which could quickly be amended through multi-lateral workings across the political parties.

“We have also advocated for the reform of the Petition of Concern, which would allow for marriage equality, and other subsequent social reform policies, to be introduced here. Yet we have seen no practical solutions coming forward from Sinn Féin, and we have endured the talks process without even knowing what they and the DUP were discussing, far less agreeing.

“The solutions are on the table and I would ask, for the sake of all who use our health and social care sector, the last Health Minister lead her party back to the talks table to urgently restore an Executive. The focus must be on cooperation between all parties to put in place an Executive for the benefit of all citizens, delivering through locally accountable Ministers taking long-overdue and much-needed decisions.”

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