Bower blasts arson attack in Omagh

Alliance Party West Tyrone representative Michael Bower has slammed those responsible for an arson attack on an Omagh centre for people with learning disabilities on Tuesday night.

Michael Bower said: “The Omagh centre provides an invaluable service to over 60 people with severe learning disabilities in the area, as well as to their families. It is difficult to fathom how any individual could bring themselves to carry out an act which hits those who are most vulnerable in society hardest.

“At a public meeting with the Alliance Party leader David Ford and deputy-leader Naomi Long, strong concerns were raised about the provision of care for adults with learning disabilities in the Omagh area. This is yet another issue which has been neglected in the West by the Executive, and the major disruption to the work of Omagh centre caused by this attack simply sets this back further.

“I call upon the Minister for Health to urgently put forward alternative arrangements for the users of this centre so that as little disruption is caused to their lives as possible. I also trust that this will be a wake up call to him regarding the poor provision of services for those with severe learning disabilities in the Omagh area.”


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