Blair says functioning Policing Board crucial to community confidence in PSNI

Alliance MLA John Blair has said a functioning Policing Board is crucial in giving the community confidence in the PSNI.

Mr Blair, the party’s new Policing Board representative, was speaking after the first meeting of the newly reconstituted Board, its first meeting in two years.

“The key to community confidence in the PSNI is accountability and the Policing Board is a crucial component of providing just that,” he said.

“Last year, Alliance’s Next Steps Forward document outlined suggestions to get the political process moving again. Among them was the re-establishment of the Policing Board.

“It is vital we have a functioning board to oversee policing here. We are less than a week after an explosion was carried out in Derry-Londonderry by suspected dissidents and still face the scourge of continued paramilitarism in several other areas.

“A fully-functioning Policing Board is critical to confronting those threats, while increasing confidence across the community in the PSNI. I am honoured to be part of the new Board and doing my part in keeping them accountable.”
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