Blair: Play cancellation was forced

Alliance Councillor John Blair has said the decision to cancel a play in Newtownabbey was forcibly made due to severe pressure from the DUP.

Councillor John Blair said: “The extreme behaviour that led to this decision was political censorship at its worst.

“The language and attitude from DUP Councillors at the recent Newtownabbey Council meeting were this was discussed was shocking, almost as if we had returned to the dark ages.

“There now has to be two serious considerations. Firstly, the freedom of choice that comes from being a democracy has been seriously called into question and secondly, the financial future of Theatre at the Mill has been put in jeopardy.

“I have already asked for a breakdown of what this has cost and am ashamed at the attitude of many in the DUP around this issue. The arts are there for all to be enjoyed and must be allowed to continue locally free from any direct intervention from Newtownabbey Borough Council.”

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