Blair comments on Loyalist parade

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has condemned those who attacked the Police during a loyalist parade. Two officers were injured, one of whom was knocked unconscious when the parade approached Police lines at Tennent Street in North Belfast. Earlier, the parade began at 1pm, which breached a Parades Commission determination which required them to leave City Hall by noon.

Cllr John Blair said: “Attacking the Police is completely unacceptable. I hope the two injured officers will make speedy recoveries.

“This incident should be unequivocally condemned by all. There can be no place in our society for any attack on the police.

“I am disappointed that the parade organisers broke the Parades Commission ruling by leaving City Hall later than the determination stated. While it is to be welcomed that it was peaceful in the city centre, it was wrong for them to flout the Parades Commission determination.

“Traders are seeking to have a good Christmas shopping period to sustain their business, so it is concerning that the parade organisers did not seek to minimise disruption during such an important time for the business community.

“However, it was good to see that a lot of people were not deterred from going to the shops and helping the economy.”


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