Blair calls on Orange Order to concentrate on talks rather than continued protests

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has called on the Orange Order to take part in talks rather than continue to protest against the decision to prevent them from marching past the Ardoyne Shops in North Belfast. A Parades Commission determination prevented them from marching along this stretch of road on the 12thand 20th July. The Orange Order has now submitted applications to march along the same route for the next three Saturdays.

Cllr John Blair said: “The Orange Order must concentrate on taking part in talks instead of continued protests.

“Tensions remain high in the area and will not be calmed by continued protests. While I acknowledge the protest on Saturday was peaceful, however continued protests will not lead to a positive resolution of this dispute.

“They have made their point in expressing their opposition to the Parades Commission decision. There is no benefit to be achieved from continuing to apply to march past the Ardoyne shops. I would urge them to cancel these applications and to urgently take part in talks.”


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