Blair calls for calm following disturbances at Belfast parade

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has called for calm on all sides following disturbances outside St Patrick’s Church on Donegal Street after a parade this afternoon. Seven police officers were injured.

Cllr John Blair said: “I am appealing for calm on all sides; we do not need to see these types of incidents anywhere in Northern Ireland.

“It is completely unacceptable that police officers were injured. I would urge people from all groups who were in the area to ensure that the people responsible for any of the trouble are charged by the police.

“Following the controversy over the twelfth of July parade past the same area, we must now get agreement from all sides as to what happens in the future. We need engagement and negotiation; nobody wants to see a repeat of this violence again.

“There is a lot of tension over this issue, so I would urge everybody to take a mature approach to sort out future parades here; there is no need for any sort of inflammatory statement from any side.”


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