Blair – All sides must respect Parades Commission determination on North Belfast parade

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr John Blair has said that all sides must abide by the determination of the Parades Commission which has ruled that an Orange Order parade on Saturday is not allowed to march past the Ardoyne shops in North Belfast.

Cllr John Blair said: “All sides must now respect this decision by the Parades Commission. They are the lawful body whose determinations should be abided by. Those who break these determinations are breaking the law.

“In the absence of an alternative system, all sides must respect the Parades Commission.

“Following the recent violence, I would appeal for calm. I would caution people against using inflammatory language about this decision. We need to see community and political leaders working to ensure that we do not see a repeat of the recent trouble.

“At the recent talks in Cardiff, there was a commitment by all sides to accept the rule of law and show respect to the police. I hope that all groups will honour this commitment on Saturday.”


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