Bell highlights SF hypocrisy over asylum seekers

ALLIANCE Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said contrasted the attitude Sinn Fein have for asylum seekers from outside Northern Ireland with those forced to leave it.

Mrs Bell said: “While it is right to highlight the shameful way in which asylum seekers in Northern Ireland are treated, it is hypocritical for Sinn Féin to ask us not to forget those in isolation and loneliness at Christmas because of human rights abuses while republicans continue their practice of exiling.

“When Caitríona Ruane visited asylum seekers at Maghaberry yesterday and asked if we can ‘now repay our debt and provide sanctuary or asylum for people encountering difficulties in their countries of origin’, does that apply to those forced into exile by the IRA?

“Since they declared their ceasefire, republicans have actually created more asylum seekers than we have seen enter our country from abroad. Alliance wants to see an end to exiling; if the republican movement were to make that their Christmas present to Northern Ireland, I am sure it would be appreciated by many.”

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